The Complete Guide to Homeopathy - Natural Care

by Andrew Lockie, Nicola Geddes

  • The Complete Guide to Homeopathy - Natural Care

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Written by two experienced homeopaths The Complete Guide Homeopathy reveals the key principles of homeopathy including the system of categorizing people by "constitutional" types according to their physical and emotional characteristics. A specially devised questionnaire based on what a homeopath might ask at a first consultation provides a unique insight into the link between health and temperament and helps you to ascertain which of the main constitutional types you most resemble. Incorporating specially researched information a photographic index of 150 remedies illustrates their diverse plant mineral and animal sources ranging from common foods such as onions to toxic substances such as snake venom. A profile of each remedy details its historical background medicinal uses and where appropriate its corresponding constitutional type. Easy-to-use Practical Ailment Charts advise which remedies to take for everyday health problems such as insomnia anxiety eczema and toothache. Additional self-help treatments are recommended and there is a quick-reference guide to homeopathic first aid Practical and informative The Complete Guide Homeopathy is the essential reference handbook for everyone who wishes to improve their health through this gentle approach to healing.

  • Author: Andrew Lockie, Nicola Geddes
  • ISBN: 9780751312089
  • 240 pages
  • Edition: Second Revised
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2001
  • Printed in United Kingdom