The Child's Mind and Behaviour (A Repertory)

by Peter Tumminello

  • The Child's Mind and Behaviour (A Repertory)
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An impressive collection of repertorial entries from classical to contemporary texts. A particularly useful review on case taking with children and an extensively referenced guide to children's behaviours, sleep patterns, and appearance.

The Child's Mind and Behaviour is a unique collation of experiences with children from homeopaths over the last 200 years. It includes:

  • An indepth guide to taking the child's case
  • Repertorial entries from classic texts all the way from Hahnemann and Hering to modern writings of Vithoulkas, Coulter, and Herscu
  • Extensive cross referencing for easy use, even the new practitioner
  • Many rare rubrics not found in other repertories
  • Incorporates many additions by the author confirming and adding to the work of the other sources

Peter Tumminello is a homeopathic practitioner and lecturer from Sydney, Australia. He was a founder of the Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine. He has recorded his results in childrens cases over 17 years of practice to confirm and expand on known treatments. He believes in healthy children, the significance and potential of the formative years, and the power of homeopathy to help shape their lives. Peter is a practitioner of personal action, living his belief that the homeopath's process of taking medicines is a vital key to his own healing and that of his clients.

  • Author: Peter Tumminello
  • ISBN: 9780646411729
  • 128 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in Australia