The Banerji Protocols

by Prasanta Banerji, Pratip Banerji

  • The Banerji Protocols
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The Banerji Protocols is a new method of treatment using homeopathic medicines. Specific medicines are prescribed for specific diseases. Diseases are diagnosed using modern/state of the art methods. This is done because modern diagnostic approaches incorporate and help in the selection of medicines so that specific medicines could be easily prescribed for specific diseases. This is not practiced in classical homeopathy.

The concept of specific homeopathic medicine for a disease based on symptoms was first perceived and practiced by Late Dr Pareshnath Banerji. With the passage of time and the availability of new diagnostic tools like Ultrasonography, MRIs, cancer markers and other advanced tests, we were able to further streamline the treatment protocols accurately. The efficiency of this streamlining is reflected by the encouraging results of The Banerji Protocols.

In The Banerji Protocols of treatment, mixtures of remedies or frequent repetitions of the remedies are used when required. This is not practiced in classical homeopathy. The combination of two potentized medicines, we use, are made in a meaningful way based on years of clinical experiments and observations by us. They are mixed for special advantages in treatment, so that the aggravation due to drugs can be checked, side effects of the medicines can be abated, quick and uneventful recovery can be ensured in a much shorter time.

The Banerji Protocols:

Disease + Symptomatology→Specific Medicine Selection→Cure/Relief

Specific homeopathic medicines are also used for supportive care. Homeopathic medicines prescribed on constitutional grounds may play a useful role in supportive and palliative for patients with malignant disease.

The Banerji Protocols of Treatment is scientific, logical and is based on all modern diagnostic tools and is very realistic.

Although this book is not a large book, it is packed with protocols for over 200 common chronic diseases. Some homeopaths use the Banerji protocols in conjunction with prescribing individually selected remedies for the sick person.

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Banerji Protocols in the Treatment of Cancer 1

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Banerji Protocols in the Treatment of Other Diseases and Ailments 45

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Renal Failure 133

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Blood Pressure 137

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Case Studies for General Cases 143

Chapter 6
A Protocol of Ultradilute Medicines for Application in Space Missions and Extraterrestrial Settlements 149

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