The Actinides in Homeopathy

by Patricia Le Roux

  • The Actinides in Homeopathy

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The well-known paediatrician Patricia Le Roux has again written a ground breaking work describing the use of actinides in homeopathy. Up to now, there is very little known of the remedies of the seventh series (Uranium series). Patricia Le Roux describes the main themes of those remedies especially in children giving many illustrating cases from her practice.

The chief subject of the seventh series is a person's fluctuation between a very strong potential energy and a simultaneously threatening disintegration, which is suddenly triggered by an event. This event sometimes occurred very early in life, often in childhood or even as early as the pregnancy, in the family history or in history as a whole, such as a volcanic eruption, an earthquake, or the explosion of a nuclear bomb. Actinides can be prescribed if the life history of the patient has been influenced by a great historic shock such as Hiroshima, Chernobyl or Fukushima, or a nuclear test explosion.

On the psychological level, these people have very well-developed powers of intuition, and the prescription of an actinide can truly work wonders by improving an often very critical condition.

In paediatrics, actinides are often very helpful in severe pathologies that might otherwise lead to disability. Most elements of this series are highly radioactive, meaning that they emit radiation which then rapidly and systematically declines in intensity. This is the reason why patients who need these remedies in fact possess enormous potential energy but are constantly in danger of losing it.

Such patients are often ahead of their age. They are seeking a state that is far in advance of their physical development. These people have a very mature worldview and are wise beyond their years. Their mental maturity is certainly greater than their physical maturity.
They display severe pathologies such as bone-marrow diseases, blood diseases, cancer, congenital deformations, accidents, and so on. We frequently find ourselves dealing here with patients threatened by decay, dissolution, and death.

I've read Patricia Le Roux's book The Actinides, I find it very interesting and well analysed, hence very practical.' - Jolle Thlme (France)

  • Author: Patricia Le Roux
  • ISBN: 9783941706644
  • 149 pages
  • Hardback
  • Printed in Germany