Systematic Approach in Homeopathic Theory and Practice

by Mario Boiadjiev

  • Systematic Approach in Homeopathic Theory and Practice

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This book is a brief elucidation of the method, which I developed and called 'Systematic Approach in Homeopathic Theory and Practice'. Deriving from and developed on the basis of a fundamental principle, the systematic approach describes clearly and logically the relationship between the different elements of homeopathic science, filling certain gaps in the theory and practice of homeopathy, and helping us find quickly and positively the similimum for a patient. The Systematic Approach allows us to develop an Algorithm in the homeopathic practice, applicable to all different cases; with it's help, we may easily solve a number of cases that are now believed to be 'confused' or 'incurable'.

The 'Systematic Approach' is a clear and precise method of work, easy to teach and learn.

Some of the instructions in this book differ from common views in homeopathic circles. However, by following them strictly, my students and myself have been able to help many patients and to solve numerous 'difficult' and 'incurable' cases.

  • Author: Mario Boiadjiev
  • 111 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2000
  • Printed in Bulgaria