Synthetic Bedside Repertory for Gestation, Childbirth and Childbed - Jan Willem Jansen

  • Synthetic Bedside Repertory for Gestation, Childbirth and Childbed - Jan Willem Jansen
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We should never forget that obstetrics, pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperal period are natural processes. Attempting to control these subtle biological events could interfere with the fundamental laws of nature, possibly complicating the situation and making even more stringent control necessary. Although intervention may turn out to be the only satisfactory solution in exceptional circumstances, many parents are all too aware that medical technology is by no means always a blessing. Despite the significant decrease in perinatal mortality in the past decades especially in the world's most developed areas - there is no evidence to suggest that the considerable increase in medical intervention (in some cases up to 50%) has contributed to this success. Indeed, it is more likely that other factors, such as hygienic improvements and better nutrition, are at least equally responsible for this achievement. Indeed, if we take into account the risk of injury or damage, hospitalization, avoidable suffering, and disturbing the initial bonding between mother and child, one wonders if there is a positive effect at all. Routine application of medication, technical know-how and electronic devices - instead of the dedication of a skilled and warm-hearted practitioner - are, in my opinion, examples of debatable progress, since their main aims are to save time and increase efficiency. Homoeopathy counterbalances this development. Established over 200 years ago, it has proved itself in countless cases. The principal of the individualized simillium administered in the minimal dose shows consideration for biological laws and human dignity, and enables the homoeopath, when guiding perinatal events, to refrain from any intervention except that which aims to create the optimal conditions for mother and child. In my opinion, the Hippocratic oath, "Primum est non nocere", was never more applicable than to the science of homoeopathy. Weesp, September 1992 ABOUT THE REPERTORY In spite of aiming for a certain degree of perfection, this repertory is and never shall be complete. To emphasize this, all rubrics close with a comma. All additions from my honoured collegues will always be gratefully accepted. All references apply to one specific author. This is not necessarily the original source, and sometimes several sources have independently mentioned the remedy. Rubrics and sub-rubrics of the General Repertory are listed in strict alphabetical Order. Although every rubric in the General Repertory can be important when individualizing symptoms, only a small selection of non-subject-related symptoms is included here. Therefore, when comparing the various expressions in process-related rubrics (e.g. Pregnancy, Childbirth), local and general symptoms should also be studied.