Synthesis Repertory (Edition 9.1)

by Frederik Schroyens

  • Synthesis Repertory (Edition 9.1)
  1. £125.00

This is the latest Edition. Synthesis 9.1 which makes repertorization easier, more accessible and efficient. Some highlights of the book are:

  • Integrating the major Repertory work of Bonninghausen and Boger (448,000 additional author references)
  • Full integration of separate repertories such as Boericke and Phatak
  • Vastly increased new information (compared to Synthesis 8.1):
- 473 remedies with more than 50% new information
- 115 new remedies, including many recent provings
  • Standardized and simplified repertory structure:
- Streamlining: the symptoms are presented in a standardized way following strict, coherent rules.
- Restructuring: By moving the descriptions of pain to the last level, eg 'eye - pain - menses - agg. - burning' and related information is at last brought together (all symptoms expressing 'eye - pain - menses - agg' now appear on the same page).
- Remedies copied to super rubrics (in chapter mind and in all pain sections).
  • Author: Frederik Schroyens
  • ISBN: 9788131939222
  • 2088 pages
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2004
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)