Surviving with Natural Remedies

by Susan Curtis

  • Surviving with Natural Remedies

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A positive response to the new risks of the world we live in including remedies to cope with radiation or chemical exposure, anthrax, natural disasters, etc. A practical guide to self-reliant health when the paramedics are unavailable or the antibiotics have run out listing appropriate herbs and homeopathic remedies essential for survival.In the event of an Avian 'flu outbreak this book will prove a valuable guide.

This book provides practical information on surviving emergency situations. Specific areas covered include nuclear fallout, chemical poisoning, biological warfare and natural disasters such as earthquakes. Remedies are suggested for post-traumatic stress. A full description is included of how to make and use homeopathic and herbal remedies and there is a materia medica of the most useful remedies. Surviving with Natural Remedies has been written by a natural health practitioner with many years of experience and is an invaluable guide for all those facing emergency situations in the modern world. It will be especially useful for aid workers, health care workers, practitioners, parents, travellers and concerned citizens.

  • Author: Susan Curtis
  • ISBN: 9781874581321
  • 108 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2003
  • Printed in United Kiingdom