Still Small Voice: An Introduction to Pastoral Counselling

by Michael Jacobs

  • Still Small Voice: An Introduction to Pastoral Counselling

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This best-selling volume has been fully revised and updated to take account of the latest thinking about the theory and practice of pastoral counselling. As reviews of the original edition demonstrate, this is a book that no Christian minister or lay counsellor can afford to be without. 'Michael Jacobs has written a book which in terms of realistic and sound understanding, of sensitivity to the real needs of people, of a proper encouragement and humility, could not be improved upon. I can think of no better book to recommend to those who are beginning to take the counselling task seriously. They will be given an excellent grounding, and will be spared many obvious and less obvious pitfalls.' Theology. 'It is lucid, persuasive and practical, firmly insisting that all those who dare to help others must start by seeking to understand - and love - themselves. The illustrative dialogue and events scattered across the pages offer fresh insights into what must be familiar ground for many readers feeling alone in the pastoral work they do. The chapters on beliefs and values and on endings are particularly valuable.

  • Author: Michael Jacobs
  • ISBN: 9780281046973
  • 272 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United Kingdom