Some Arachnids: Tarentula and Similars

by Massimo Mangialavori, Betty Wood, John Sobraska, Krista Heron

  • Some Arachnids: Tarentula and Similars
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This book is particularly close to my heart. The Arachnids were my introduction to viewing remedies as families; the analogies between different Spider remedies were too obvious to miss. The biggest revelation when investigating this world was how much the myths of Arachne and Erigone and the ritual of the tarantate tell us about patients needing a remedy made from an Arachnid. How is it that these anthropological aspects, more than toxicology, are so strongly expressed in provings and clinical cases?

Initially, I wondered if this were an accidental feature only of Spider remedies or could this be true for all the substances of our materia medica? Further investigation confirmed that anthropology, mythology and the traditional use of a substance are no less important than chemical composition for understanding a remedy’s action. I have to thank spiders for having explained this to me.