Sense Provings

by Jan Scholten

  • Sense Provings

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Companion to Wonderful Plants

This book is a companion to Wonderful Plants. It presents the results of about 200 provings performed in the course of many years. They form part of the base on which the plant theory has been been build. Many plants from families little known or unknown in homeopathy are giving their pictures in these provings. A wealth of information.

A theory of provings gives an insight into the several formats of provings, their value, strength, weakness and essence.

From the Introduction:

Companion of Wonderful Plants
This book is a companion of the book "Wonderful Plants", where the Plant theory is described. My original idea was to publish the proving in this book in the Wonderful plant book. But gradually that gave more problems. The proving takes up much space and Wonderful Plants would have become thicker and heavier. A second objection is that the provings, especially the long ones like the picture proving disrupt the flow of the Wonderful Plants book. Therefore I decided to place the proving in a separate book, the book Sense Proving. It is meant as a reference book for further study.

  • Author: Jan Scholten
  • ISBN: 9789074817219
  • 192 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2013
  • Printed in Netherlands