Samuel Hahnemann His Life and Work (2 Volumes)

by Richard Haehl

  • Samuel Hahnemann His Life and Work (2 Volumes)

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If you are interested in Hahnemann's life, therapeutic developments, the development of potencies and the arguments he has with the medical profession, then this is an essential reference book.

Volume 1 - Extract:

In order to be able to form an Opinion concerning this man who belongs to history, it is necessary to describe in clear and firm outlines the period in which Hahnemann was born, the life in Meissen, his father and mother, the school years, as well as the early education of the boy. It would then be necessary to describe his life and activities up to the year 1790, the year in which the new principle of healing was discovered. It will be necessary throughout not to pass judgment, or to give a mosaic pieced together of pros and cons, which would only satisfy the superficial reader. Causes must be given in their original form, progress and growth must be demonstrated without any reference to possible errors.

The first essential is to represent the moral man, his emotions and sensations, as depicted in his writings and in the many published and unpublished letters and to use other information and testimony. After that his character, his mode of thinking, his ideas in connection with his home-life, his life as a citizen and in politics his actions as a man, husband, father and citizen must. Be delineated. Then let us describe him as the physician, teacher, colleague and debater in this way let us bring him to that point where a gentle hand will sever his connection with the outside world by cutting the silken threads, where no printed, no written, no spoken words will be admitted, but only the joyous entry of those who seek for help where he will find peace, peace with himself, peace with the world which is veiled from him, and with his God, and — he dies.

Volume 2:

Based on Recently Discovered State Papers, Documents, Letters, Sick Reports, and Utilising the Whole of the Home and Foreign Literature; Supplements, Containing Documents, State Papers, Letters, Essays, Dissertations, Etc

  • Author: Richard Haehl
  • ISBN: 8170216923
  • 958 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2001
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)