Retracing the Origins of Homeopathy: The Travel Guide

by Carola Scheuren, Egon Krannich

  • Retracing the Origins of Homeopathy: The Travel Guide

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The Travel Guide follows the traces of earliest homeopathy left by Samuel Hahnemann and his contemporaries two hundred years ago. Exploring the country from where his teachings originate, we encounter an array of fascinating people, events and places. The past meets the present and the question is raised; whether homeopathy not only survived the centuries, but finds itself at the threshold of a renaissance.

This homeopathic travelling guide shows you the history of Homeopathy. In Germany, where it all started, you can find a lot of interesting happenings, personalities and places. History meets present and raises the question why homeopathy not only survived but is nowadays on the edge of a new renaissance. This traveller guide of Mid-Germany shows you the places of birth of the great homeopaths of the 19th century and all the important places where homeopathy started.


- Meissen, Leipzig, Torgau and Köthen (most important places where Hahnemann lived). Places of birth from Hering (Oschatz) and Lippe (Görlitz) and other important places such as Wolkenstein, Dresden, Schildau, Machern, Gotha and Dessau.
- Contact addresses of homeopathic tours and homeopathic places - Openings hours of local homeopatic centres
- Compiled by homeopaths for everybody who wants to walk through the history of Homeopathy.
- Over 200 pictures
- and more!