Release the Vital Force

by Nicola Henriques

  • Release the Vital Force

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The Exact Science and Art of Homeopathic Patient Examination

Release the Vital Force by Nikki Henriques is a thorough and reader-friendly look into the natural science and fundamental principles of homeopathy, as taught by the originator, Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

Nowadays, many people would prefer to treat their illnesses in a more natural way than with the sometimes toxic chemicals in pharmaceuticals. One of the best ways of treatment is homeopathy, a gentle, holistic system that treats symptoms of illness with small doses of drugs known to produce similar symptoms. This process, which stimulates the body's own defences, was originated 200 years ago by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, and now author Nikki Henriques reintroduces Hahnemann's work in Release the Vital Force-The Exact Science and Art of Homeopathic Patient Examination.

Clearly written in reader-friendly prose, Henriques argues against altering Hahnemann's original masterpiece of homeopathy. In Release the Vital Force, Henriques guides readers into the dos and don'ts of homeopathy even as it encourages deep reflection on the true goals and art of the homeopathic exam. Henriques promotes the effectiveness of homeopathy as taught by Hahnemann, and gives clear examples of the entire process. Readers will learn how homeopaths work, what to expect from a consultation, what the practitioner is searching for in order to select the correct remedy and dose, and why and how homeopathy can conquer illness.

Practitioners will find this a tremendous asset in helping them develop the appropriate personal qualities and professional practical skills, as well as understanding the essential roles patients play in their own healing. Patients will appreciate the easy-to-follow explanations of a subject that has as much relevance in today's world as it did 200 years ago. Thoughtful and inspiring Release the Vital Force? The Exact Science and Art of Homeopathic Patient Examination unfolds like a detective story to give a wise and helpful overview of this powerful healing process.

  • Author: Nicola Henriques
  • ISBN: 9781439212431
  • 154 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United States