Psychism and Homoeopathy

by Jean Pierre Gallavardin

  • Psychism and Homoeopathy

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Dr Jean-Pierre Gallavardin (1825 -1898) became a convert to Homeopathy after being successfully treated by Dr des Guidi in 1848 who was a student of Hahnemann. He graduated as a Homeopath in 1854 and was instrumental in founding the Homoeopathic Hospital at Leipzig in 1870. He was a prolific author and has several books and articles to his credit. This book includes a history of some of the substances that have an effect on the mind, homeopathic treatment for the development of the human mind, alcoholism and criminality, psychic medicine, medical treatment of genital passion, case notes as a way of illustration and some suggestions on how to treat difficult cases. The case notes are written in a conversational style and are engaging and clearly illustrative.

  • Author: Jean Pierre Gallavardin
  • ISBN: 9788170215578
  • 207 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)