Provings Volume 1: Mobile Phone, Magnet, Time, Volcanic Ash and Meteorite

by Nuala Eising

  • Provings Volume 1: Mobile Phone, Magnet, Time, Volcanic Ash and Meteorite
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The provings described in this book contain essential information that we are looking for as homeopaths in these times of the deep impact of imponderables in our prescriptions. Patients become ever more influenced by new technologies and natural elements and ever shifting perception of energies surrounding them. This book also shows that people really connect to that field of awareness and even connect to the source of these subtle energies.

In the past number of years the different kingdoms such as animal, mineral and plants have been explored more extensively. But even with these known kingdoms, there is a very important kingdom that needs our special attention, and that is the kingdom of the imponderables.

Nuala Eising connected us years ago to the language of the hidden forces in earth compounds like Granite, Marble and Limestone and made them come alive in her provings, and Granite has become known as a remedy indicated in nuclear radiation. Every new proving of Nuala's is a step forward in remedies we need in these times. Clients who need these imponderables just show up, and we cannot wait to have even more of these wonderful provings.

Really deeply from my heart, I wish that this book of Nuala's finds its way to many homeopaths, as there is really a need for these imponderables to be accepted in the homeopathic arsenal. - Fons Vanderleyden, Homeopath, Belgium.

  • Author: Nuala Eising
  • ISBN: 9789076189406
  • 844 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2012
  • Printed in The Netherlands