Present Child: A Gift For You and Your Family

by Janita Venema

  • Present Child: A Gift For You and Your Family
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This methodical approach enables parents, practitioners and educators to understand what children have to say about their parents lives.

Present Child works like a translation programme whereby you suddenly understand your child's intention for you!

The Present Child Method shows clearly how your child's dedication to your happiness in life is just as active and fierce as yours is to theirs. The only difference is that your child uses the languages of play, development, behaviour or symptoms, to make clear what needs adjustment in your life. Using the Present Child Method your child's instructions are translated so precisely that you are able to hear them with your heart, recognize their truth and are motivated to undertake the necessary actions. This not only enriches your life but also has a positive effect on your child's behaviour and well-being, often without additional help for your child! With the aid of practical instructions and exercises and Janita's accessible, recognizable story the chance that you too will be touched by your child is high.

Present Child for practitioners, therapists and educators:
Are you interested in bringing about wellbeing and cure for children and their parents
simultaneously? Maybe you have noticed that a child's cure is often temporary and you would like it to be more long-lasting, and even permanent? Then the Present Child Method is for you!

Imagine curing the recurrent fevers and nightmares of a young girl just by talking to the mother ... and ending the tantrums of a boy just by revealing an unknown truth about his fathers life. The same goes for bedwetting, inflammations, problems in babies, problems at school; developmental and behavioural disorders in children; in fact for innumerable physical and mental complaints that can overshadow family life.

In treating a child you will see the parents anyway; with a few extra questions you'll have a story about the child that you can change into a remedy for the inner child of the parent. An important side effect is the cure of the real child. The two go hand-in-hand. The child and the parent are closely connected. The actual presence and symptoms of the child now form the ultimate mirror for the parent, and the cured parent is the perfect remedy for the child and its siblings. That's how the child's problem can be a gift to the whole family.

The Present Child motto is: when there is something the matter with an apple tree, it shows in the apples. To cure the apples, you should help the tree. By doing that, the apples will automatically benefit.
So basically, you only have two very successful remedies; the child and the parent. But at the same time there are as many remedies as there are people, as each human being is different. Any other treatment modalities you use may never be as specific as a child/parent.

The great advantage of this method for you as a practitioner is that the problem and the remedy come to the office together. When the story about the real child is translated back to the parents, the parents can really take the remedy. In their heart they will feel that their child is giving an accurate, loving message for their lives. By acting on what they can now recognise as their own story they help their child. Deep inside a chord of recognition resonates and healing starts. Their child is the most accurate remedy you may ever find for them, as are they for their child.

The advantages of the Present Child method are:

  • Problems are solved at the heart of things
  • Both parents and children benefit
  • A methodical approach
  • Short treatment
  • Sustainable results, little relapse
  • Little/no burden for the child (you work with the parent)
  • Suitable for all ages
  • More rewarding, easier and joyful for the practitioner/therapist/educator
  • And a great complement to other forms of treatment.

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  • Author: Janita Venema
  • ISBN: 9789490453060
  • 208 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2012
  • Printed in The Netherlands