Predictive Homoeopathy: Homoeopathy and Modern Science

by Prafull Vijayakar

  • Predictive Homoeopathy: Homoeopathy and Modern Science

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This book is yet another offshoot of homeopathy created in an attempt to standardize homeopathy. It has been formulaed & conceptualized by Dr. Prafull Vijaykar, a prominent homeopath hailing from Bombay, India. He has brilliantly amalgamated Hering's Law of Cure and the literatti of "Supression" (from existing hom. literature by various stallwarts) with the science of Embryology ... to culminate into what he calls Predictive Hom. The idea is .. to capture the pharmacokinetics and dynamics of dynamic hom. medicines in each patient's system (of course, while stickin to the concept of individualization) and literally foretell (predict) the remedy reactions and disease regression in a fixed pattern.