Practical Iridology

by Peter Jackson Main

  • Practical Iridology
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Using Your Eyes to Pinpoint Your Health Risks and Your Particular Path to Wellbeing

The human iris provides a unique window into our bodies, offering clues to our past, present, and future health. Its related science - iridology - allows us to assess our wellbeing and provides pathways to follow to ensure we remain physically and emotionally fit.

Iridologist Peter Jackson-Main demonstrates just how easy it is for readers to make use of this diagnostic tool. With just a small flashlight and a mirror, you can begin to compare your eyes with the dozens shown in this book, learning about your constitution and how you can avoid potential health problems. Practical Iridology also explains what the colours and markings of your eyes reveal; details dietary and exercise routines for different iris types; provides a visual glossary of the different iris signs; and offers guidance in preparing remedies.

  • Author: Peter Jackson Main
  • ISBN: 9781885653307
  • 128 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United Kingdom