Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind

by Farokh Master

  • Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind

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Helps us to understand the rubrics of mind. This book mentions: the rubrics alphabetically from A-to-Z; the source of the rubric, adjacent to the main rubric; the cross references, wherever applicable; meaning and explanation of the rubrics; and, important remedies pertaining to the rubric for quick reference.

Perceiving Rubrics of the MIND includes 1182 rubrics. In the last decade, two new repertories came into existence, viz., SYNTHESIS by Frederik Schroyens and The Complete Repertory by Roger van Zandvoort. Missing rubrics have been thoroughly scrutinized from the above repertories and have been included in this edition.

One thing, which confused right from the start, is the interpretation of the rubrics mentioned in the section of the mind. The only way left is to refer voluminous dictionaries to find the meaning. At that time this book is the solution for the profession wherein rubrics are mentioned from A to Z with their meanings and explanations. The source of the rubrics is Kent's Repertory, Boenninghausen's Repertory, Synthetic Repertory & Vithoulkas Repertory. Cross References are mentioned wherever applicable. It should be seen from that repertory whose code letter is indicated adjacent to the rubric. Wherever necessary, meaning as well as explanation of the rubric is mentioned.

No efforts have been spared to make the book up-to-date and it is hoped that it will be useful to those practitioners who may wish to make themselves familiar with the rubrics of the mind.

  • Author: Farokh Master
  • ISBN: 9788131902462
  • 505 pages
  • Edition: Second Revised
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2005
  • Printed in India (Indian quality)