Pathology Factor in Remedy Selection - Ashok Borkar

  • Pathology Factor in Remedy Selection - Ashok Borkar
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Ashok Borkar was born and brought up in the city of Mumbai and he graduated from the C.M.P. Homoeopathic Medical College in Mumbai. His desire to serve rural India inspired him to start his practice of homoeopathy in a remote village of Goa in 1991 where no one had heard about homoeopathy. He had to convince each and every patient to take homoeopathic medicine, as they were skeptical to try out anything new. Remarkable results in early practice brought in patients from far and wide and his practice flourished.

His desire for consistency in producing good results in cases with structural changes and advanced pathology led him to a study of all his successful cases. This book is a result of this intense study. With the help of successfully solved cases, this piece of literature demonstrates the role of the pathology factor in remedy selection. The technique that he has used and advocated is so simple that any homoeopath who reads this book should be able to apply it easily in practice and produce incredible results.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran sums up the vital learning that will be derived from this book in its foreword, "This book by Dr Ashok Borkar, his first one, is an important contribution. It highlights the fact that beyond matching the Sensation and the Symptoms of the patient with the remedy, one also has to consider if the Genius matches too. This facilitates healing at the deeper levels and not only relief of Symptoms or state of mind."