Passionate Medicine - Robin Shohet

  • Passionate Medicine - Robin Shohet
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Passionate Medicine is a compelling record of the journeys of five doctors and two veterinary surgeons from conventional medicine to homeopathy.

In search of truth and healing in their professions, the contributors challenge the shortcomings of conventional medical training and methods, in particular the notion that effective clinicians should be objective and emotionally detached. Their insightful autobiographical stories clearly demonstrate the cost of the 'dehumanising' principle to the medical profession and argue for a more holistic, caring model that regards self-knowledge, passion and the ability to create successful practitioner-patient relationships as central to the healing process.

The contributors make a convincing case for the inherent ability of people to heal themselves and for the changing role of the clinician from expert to facilitator.

This book is a thoughtful and illuminating consideration of the relationship between profession and alternative therapies, and will prove compelling reading for all trainee and practising medical professionals.

  • Author: Shohet Robin
  • 191 pages
  • Printed in UK
  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781843102984