Our Return to the Light

by Barbara Wren

  • Our Return to the Light
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Our Return to the Light has a simple but timely message: stress is the precursor of disease, but when we dance in rhythm with the universe we transmit and receive light within every cell of the body, freeing ourselves from fear and creating healing from within. In this book, Barbara Wren, a respected naturopath and healer, explains how to maximize the body's potential to receive and transmit the full spectrum of light using simple techniques to:

  • discover your physiological ancestral journey from conception to present day
  • understand how stress and fear affect the body at a cellular level
  • use the resonance of light and the Earth's rhythms to heal and protect the body from disease
  • make simple lifestyle and dietary changes to resolve stress and fear.

Following on from Cellular Awakening, Barbara Wren's cutting-edge book on science and ancient wisdom, Our Return to the Light further explores our full potential for health, and its connection to the energy of the universe.

  • Author: Barbara Wren
  • ISBN: 9781781800713
  • 233 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United Kingdom