Naturopathic Medicine: Treating the Whole Person

by Roger Newman Turner

  • Naturopathic Medicine: Treating the Whole Person
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The Principles and Practice of Naturopathy

Naturopathy, one of the major systems of complementary medicine, uses a variety of natural measures to restore and promote the inherent healing mechanisms of the patient. In this revised and updated edition of Naturopathic Medicine the author explains the philosophy and practice of a science of health that has become a principal participant in the growing field of functional and integrated medicine.

Among the naturopathic principles that are discussed, many are fundamental for the whole field of complementary medicine, including:

  • Concepts of energy and vitalism
  • Patient-centred care - recognizing individuality
  • Unitary theory of disease
  • The reverse order of cure - when symptoms may be a positive sign
  • Food and health - how nutrition can heal
  • Structure and function
  • Body, mind and spirit
  • Naturopathy in the 21st century

Roger Newman Turner, ND, DO BAc, is an experienced practitioner of naturopathy, osteopathy and acupuncture and has written and lectured widely on these topics. For many years he has been active in initiatives to encourage research, integration and better understanding of complementary medicine both nationally and internationally.