Narayani Handbook on Healing (2 Volumes)

by Swami Narayani, Swami Ananda

  • Narayani Handbook on Healing (2 Volumes)
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The original books by the Soham Foundation with detailed information on the Narayani remedies. Plenty of other useful information is also included in these books. A must for users of these remedies.

These two books are written for students to learn how to apply the Art of Healing and Service while working in a clinic. Doing clinic-work is totally different to seeing patients in your own consulting room. Over the years this system ‘happened’. It is called the ‘Open Book Method’.

They cover a large spectrum of Natural Healing from Homeopathy, Vibronics and self analysis.

Deals with special Homeopathic mixtures formulated as a result of long clinical experience and covers a large spectrum of Natural Healing from Homeopathy, Vibronics and self analysis.

  • Simple and easily understood by layman.
  • Breakdown of 117 given unreservedly.
  • Single remedies, Constitutional Remedies, 12 Tissue Salts, Nosodes and Miasms etc.
  • NATURE CURE METHODS like pressure pointing, Acupressure, General relaxation and simple yogic exercises & breathing techniques.
  • Diet and Body, Mind & Soul which determines the overall health of a person.
  • A new chapter “ HOMEOPATHY A NEW LOOK” throws light on 9 causes of illnesses and their cures.


  • Well known single remedies
  • Organo remedies
  • Bach remedies
  • Gem Therapy
  • Accupressure Meridians
  • Sign of Zodiac and Tissue salts
  • Anatomy and Physiology explained in simple terms
  • Connection between Mind, Body & Illnesses-supressed emotions
  • A chapter on pathways to inner peace which open up the Kitbag called the mind & the technique to empty the same through SELF-ANALYSIS

Long repertory for specific remedies, Organ remedies & Bowel nosodes, Gem colours etc of the body. Different parts from Head to Nervous system and their sympathetic treatment.