Milk Remedies

by Massimo Mangialavori, Betty Wood, John Sobraska, Krista Heron

  • Milk Remedies
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The first instalment of Massimo Mangialavori's Materia Medica Clinica presents fourteen remedies - some old, some new - in colourful and extensive detail. Here is Lac leoninum, the ambitious yet troubled king; Lac equinum, the loyal, principled squire; Lac humanum, the altruistic yet self-interested servant; and Lac delphinum, the warm-hearted humanitarian.

Important questions are asked and answered: How do Milk remedies struggle to overcome dependence upon their family? Why are they so indecisive? What differences emerge between remedies made from the milk of wild vs. domesticated, and predator vs. prey animals?

Mangialavori elucidates his Method of Complexity via natural history, personality, prominent themes and symptoms with an engaging style that is well-organized and easily accessible. Cured cases provide vivid, real-life portraits, and demonstrate how this materia medica derives directly from clinical material. A differential diagnosis, thematic and common ailment repertories, and repertory additions are also included.

Just as milk is associated with the beginning of life, it is fitting that The Milk Remedies is the initial book for this evolving series.