by Christina Schmidbauer, Georg Hofstatter

  • Micronutrients-Coach
  1. £28.00

The grand BIOGENA compendium of nutrients Indications Interactions

Generating knowledge, collecting knowledge, sharing knowledge.

Biogena‘s Micronutrients-Coach® fully reflects this philosophy. It provides quick and easy access to in-depth information about micronutrients and their therapeutic administration.

More than 80 vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty and amino acids, bioactive plant substances, plant extracts and other natural substances have been recorded and processed according to scientific principles. Classification into micronutrients, indications and interactions enables the user to find and target the desired information quickly.

Interdisciplinary cross-references additionally help to identify correlations. For example, the micronutrients are listed with medication with which they are known to interact and, for more detailed information, simply leaf through the section on the corresponding medication group.

This book is not only a valuable aid for daily therapeutic practice, it is one of the most comprehensive reference sources for orthomolecular medical information of our time.