Miasmatic Prescribing (Hardback Edition)

by Subrata Kumar Banerjea

  • Miasmatic Prescribing  (Hardback Edition)

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Philosophy, diagnostic classification, clinical tips, miasmatic repertory, miasmatic weightage of medicines and case illustrations.

From the back cover: Dr Subrata Kumar Baneijea was born in Calcutta. India in 1957, the fourth generation of a distinguished and widely respected homeopathic family. He graduated in Homeopathy from the University of Calcutta with a record number of honours passes in nine medical subjects and with five gold medals to his name, setting himself on a path to become an internationally acclaimed homeopathic clinician, lecturer and author. He is now acknowledged to be the world's leading authority on miasmatic prescribing.

Dr Banerjea is an Honoured Fellow of several academies; Director and Principle Lecturer of the Bengal Allen Medical Institute. Calcutta; Principal and Chief Lecturer of Materia Medica and Clinical Therapeutics at the Allen College of Homeopathy, Essex, England. When he is not lecturing, he divides he divides his time between his clinical practices in the UK and in India where he also acts as Clinical Consultant in various rural and slum clinics. Despite this hectic international scheduling, Dr Banerjea together with his brother Joy and his partner Janet Robinson, plays an active role in the Kamala Banerjee Fund, a charity which distributes milk to the poor children of Calcutta. Students of Dr Banerjea will testify to the remarkable knowledge and enthusiasm which he generously imparts to all who share his passion for this most rational of healing arts. His dedication to the truth of homeopathy is regarded as inspiring and unsurpassed.