by Alastair Gray

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Exploring the Breadth, Context and Application of Different Clinical Approaches in the Practice of Homeopathy

What are the the different methods of prescribing in homeopathy? Why is homeopathic medicine practiced so differently world wide, from one country to another, from one city, one village, one street, one consultation room to the next? It is not through any lack of tradition, research, evidence or rigour, all of which homeopathic medicine has in abundance. Rather, it is about interpretation of the key and fundamental principles of homeopathy and ultimately the immediate needs of the client and patient sitting in the consultation room in front of that practitioner. In order to take in and integrate this broad landscape, this book explores the historical, theoretical and practical application of the major methods employed by homeopaths across the globe.

  • Author: Alastair Gray
  • ISBN: 9788131916711
  • 564 pages
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  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)