Matridonals in Homeopathy

by Viktoria Nemeth, Roberto Petrucci

  • Matridonals in Homeopathy
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Matridonals in Homeopathy are one of the most interesting remedies. They are sarcodes but creating an unique common essence.

Matridonal remedies are made from human sarcodes, like Breast milk, Colostrum, Vernix caseosa, Placenta, Umbilical cord, Amnii liquor or Folliculinum.

You will have an insight into this wonderful group, but also, will have a deeper understanding through its sub-groups.

The 8 Essentials are giving the real essence, the characteristic themes of each remedy.

Viktoria Nemeth and Roberto Petrucci, their names are known worldwide. They are teaching in several countries around the world, giving seminars and webinars and running their office where they give help to patients with homeopathy.