Matridonal Remedies - Spectrum of Homeopathy 2023/1

by Narayana Verlag

  • Matridonal Remedies - Spectrum of Homeopathy 2023/1
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Pregnancy and birth decisively impact a person’s life. A foetus experiences everything that the mother goes through during the pregnancy, and her emotional state is continually transmitted to the growing baby. Traumatic experiences in the entire process from conception to breastfeeding therefore have considerable effects on the young baby’s relationships and attitude to life, leaving traces that can extend right through into adulthood. The matridonal remedies are an excellent way of resolving such issues. It is therefore worth examining this remedy group in more detail and using it in our own practice. The matridonal remedies originate from healthy human tissue with a connection to pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. The core of this remedy group consists of: Placenta humana, Chorda umbilicalis, Amni liquor and Vernix caseosa. In addition there are the potentised hormones Oxytocinum and Folliculinum as well as human breast milk. The remedy pictures of these sarcodes overlap considerably and the crux is how to differentiate them. With this issue we want to give our readers a guide to the practical use of these valuable remedies.

  • Author: Narayana Verlag
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2023
  • Printed in Germany