Matridonal Remedies in Daily Practice

by Heinz Wittwer

  • Matridonal Remedies in Daily Practice
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MATRIDONAL REMEDIES – a door to new therapeutic possibilities

The life of a human being does not begin just at birth, but already at conception. A foetus experiences everything that is happening to its mother during pregnancy.
The state of the pregnant mother is continuously transferred onto the foetus, and moulds its intrauterine experiences. In the situation when during that time serious
events occurred, they can be the cause of disturbances in the person’s state of being even in adulthood. The so-called Matridonal Remedies are extremely well suited to resolve difficulties which arise during pregnancy or birth.

Matridonal Remedies are homoeopathic medicines, which have been made from human bodily tissues which relate to Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding:
Amnii liquor - Amniotic Fluid
Chorda umbilicalis - Umbilical Chord
Placenta humana - Placenta
Vernix caseosa - Waxy covering with which the baby is born
Oxytocinum - Hormone inducing contractions and the let-down of breast milk
Lac maternum - Mother’s milk with Colostrum
Lac humanum - Mother’s milk without Colostrum

At the beginning of the text all the attributes are described, from which one can conclude that there was some intrauterine disturbance. This is followed by a detailed description of the Matridonal Remedies, and finally their practical application is illustrated with more than thirty patient stories. A Matridonal Remedy Repertory at the end of the book helps one to find the indicated remedy.

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This book was printed according to the Cradle-to-Cradle®-Principle. All materials used, like paper, ink, etc. are 100% natural and are compostable, and can therefore safely be recycled and returned to the biological circulation.
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  • Author: Heinz Wittwer
  • ISBN: 9783952509012
  • 196 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in Switzerland