Materia Medica with a Difference

by Jonathan Shore

  • Materia Medica with a Difference
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Highlighting Key Features seen in Classical Practice

This work is a collection of Dr Jonathan Shores lectures on some of the key remedies of Materia Medica where he gives highlighting feature of the remedies which find main importance while prescribing. How this book is different than all the Materia Medica is that its not just a factual description of the remedies but a beautiful discussion of various remedies in terms of how the personalities behave and what all you will see standing out in a patient if he /she needs this remedy. In between there are queries and Jonathans answers. There are case descriptions which Jonathan has shown on the presentation slides there. This compilation also includes a section on paediatrics with illustrative cases and discussions.

  • Author: Jonathan Shore
  • ISBN: 9788131903650
  • 325 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in India (Published 2010)