Mastering Homeopathy 3: Obstacles to Cure: Toxicity, Deficiency and Infection

by Jon Gamble

  • Mastering Homeopathy 3: Obstacles to Cure: Toxicity, Deficiency and Infection
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Clinical outcomes are more certain

Gain confidence in treating chronic disease

Patient satisfaction is assured

We know who we are treating but how do we know what we are treating? If the patient has tingling in the extremities, do they just need a remedy? If that doesn't work what's next? We need to know what we are treating otherwise we are just guessing. Is the patients tingling caused by:

Calcium or magnesium deficiency?
Heavy metal toxicity?
Early diabetes?

Knowing what we are treating takes out the guess work and makes remedy selection straightforward. Now you only have to choose from a small list of remedies for that condition, not an infinite materia medica. Clinical outcomes are therefore predictable. A definite treatment plan can then be discussed with your patient.

Mastering Homeopathy 3: Obstacles to Cure, by Jon Gamble and Nyema Hermiston, describes many of the modern obstacles to cure. The tests used to find these obstacles are identified and treatment solutions are suggested. As with previous books in this series, there are generous real case examples drawn from the practitioners combined 40+ years in practice.

Obstacles to Cure:

Mineral Deficiencies
Heavy Metal Toxicities
Iatrogenic causes (including Vaccinosis)
Infections and pathogens

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
Conventional Pathology Tests
Other specialized (and less well known) Pathology Tests.

Consistent with other books in the series, this is a practitioner manual designed for use in clinical practice.

  • Author: Jon Gamble
  • ISBN: 9780975247334
  • 192 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2010
  • Printed in Australia