Long-Term Homoeoprophylaxis Study in Children in North America

by Kate Birch

  • Long-Term Homoeoprophylaxis Study in Children in North America

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This publication is a must-read for parents, doctors, and policy makers who are looking for a safe, efficacious, and natural way to educate their children’s immune systems towards infectious disease - Homoeoprophylaxis (HP), based on the same theory of vaccination, that of introducing attenuated infectious agents with the aim of stimulating immunity.

In contrast, the methodology of HP is to administer orally one disease at a time, in energetic dosing, to gradually stimulate mild immune responses which result in superior immune function. The result of HP is healthy children developing normally with healthy immune systems, pure and simple.

In this one volume, Free and Healthy Children International (FHCi) presents the philosophical underpinning of HP and homeopathy, backed by a ten-year study in children 0-10 years of age, and reflections on how to establish HP as an alternative public health model for the betterment of society. This ground breaking research not only provides data affirming the positive benefits HP in developing children’s immune systems, it also compares long-term health outcomes of use of homeopathic nosodes in unvaccinated and previously vaccinated children. If you are looking for an immunization alternative and have decided vaccines are too toxic, and come with too many unwanted side-effects, consider HP for immunological education for your family.

  • Author: Kate Birch
  • ISBN: 9798666113752
  • 200 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United States