Interpreting Chronic Illness

by Jerry M Kantor

  • Interpreting Chronic Illness

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Jerry Kantor’s book "Interpreting Chronic Illness" views three seemingly incompatible fields of medicine through the lens of phenomenology and develops novel patterns of care for patients with chronic illnesses.

“A brilliant and ground-breaking work by an integrative practitioner who ‘speaks the language’ of three very different healing paradigms - biomedicine (modern Western medicine), Traditional Chinese Medicine and homeopathy. . . . Kantor simultaneously updates the Five Elements model of Traditional Chinese Medicine; provides fresh insights into the major homeopathic remedies based on the Five Elements model; and shows how both can address the diagnostic categories of biomedicine.
This will be an essential book for practitioners and students of all three modalities who want to expand their healing paradigm.”
Begabati Lennihan, RN, CCH, Former Director, Teleosis School of Homeopathy

“I won’t let another physician touch me until he/she has read this book.”
William Martin Sloane, PhD, Vice President, American Association of Integrative Medicine

“The author’s conceptual model of disease/illness is both thought provoking and comforting for classical homeopaths as it brings some of the ‘mystery’ of homeopathy into a theoretical construct.”

“Homeopathic and Chinese medicine both interface via the energetic information system that influences or controls health. The author’s description of this control system, based on the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, can help bring together the two professions as allies in healing patients.”

“...the integration must be artfully done to be meaningful and the author as achieved that.”
AJHM - American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine


  • Author: Jerry M Kantor
  • ISBN: 9780984678808
  • 229 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United States