How to Use the Repertory

by Glen Irving Bidwell

  • How to Use the Repertory
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A mid 20th century guide to Kent's Repertory by one of Kent's students. Includes illustrative cases and explanations of aspects such as the arrangement of rubrics, grading of symptoms, case records and analysis, as well as discussions of 40 remedies and selected rubrics (eg aggravation from cold, irritability and various types of pain).

From the publisher:
A simple book to guide one on the use of Repertory, which is an important tool in the hands of a homeopath. Various topics have been covered in relation to use of repertory like taking the case, the directions of cure, the three miasms, mistakes one can usually do and the ways to avoid them. The author has discussed in detail the structure of Kent's Repertory and tried to explain the study of the subject through it. In the last section the author has given an analysis of 40 remedies which are common under a few general rubrics which the author has enumerated and then done the analysis. He has explained beautifully how we can eliminate the remedies from such common rubrics to arrive at one single remedy.

  • Author: Glen Irving Bidwell
  • ISBN: 9788170211693
  • 128 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)