Homoeopathy in Cancer Treatment

by Ranjeet Kumar Roy

  • Homoeopathy in Cancer Treatment

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This book on cancer by Dr R K Roy, a scientist converted to homoeopathy, is a comprehensive text on cancer.

The author has put forward several thought-provoking ideas of his own which could be useful in the field of cancer therapy. His approaches of analysing and understanding malignancy, its remedies and their applications from various angle are innovative. They can offer some more possibilities in the treatment of malignant diseases. He focuses on some streamlining of the application of remedies for better results and urges for greater use of homoeopathic medicine for cancer management, which are therapeutically effective as well as cost-effective. Success rates in treatment malignancy probably depends upon all aspects of the disease, including the remedy selection and the method of application of remedy as emphasized by the author. Results of some of the case reports are very encouraging.

  • Author: Ranjeet Kumar Roy
  • ISBN: 9788170218326
  • 252 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2003
  • Printed in Indiaq (so could be of inferior quality)