Homoeopathy for Sports, Exercise and Dance

by Emlyn Thomas

  • Homoeopathy for Sports, Exercise and Dance

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Sprains, strains, flu, fatigue and depression. Injury and illness are among the most difficult events in the life of athletes, dancers, games players and indeed anyone who enjoys physical activity. Some of these problems require prompt medical attention, others need trained but less urgent care, and others will resolve with rest and common sense. Recovery can be frustratingly slow. Homoeopathic remedies can be used to help speed the process.

This practical book shows you how to use homoeopathic medicine in many cases of injury and illness. The author explains the basic principles of homoeopathy and describes how to choose and use the most appropriate remedy.

He then advises remedies for traumatic and overuse injuries. A wide variety of common injuries are covered on a regional basis, followed by a chapter on the common ailments that beset athletes and dancers, from pre-performance nerves to indigestion. Ninety remedies are then studied with particular attention to their relevance to the needs of physically active people. The overall discussion is supported by thirty-three detailed cases drawn from the authors own practice.

Homoeopathy has long been known as a holistic medicine, free of pharmaceutically active substances and working at all levels of the individual. There is advice on remedies to promote total recovery from injury, as well as to reduce susceptibility to injury in the first place.

'This is an excellent, well-written 322-page paperback written by an author who understands the rigours of sport and now practises as a non-medical professional homeopath.

Its safe, practical cookbook approach to injuries and medical conditions is sandwiched between a basic outline of homeopathy and a short but useful materia medica. The final section on the advanced uses of homeopathy highlights the authors preferred constitutional prescribing. Its credibility in this age of evidence-based medicine would be greatly enhanced by applying the science of sports psychology to many of his observations and statements. Although the last chapter on other complementary therapies seemed a little redundant, the three appendices with a remedy and general index make this one of the most useful sports homeopathy books I have seen so far.

The chapters on overuse injuries and susceptibility to injury are particularly well written, although homeopathic doctors should look to other more detailed texts if they want to understand more of allopathic sports medicine. However, allopathic sports physicians would do well to turn to this book as an introductory textbook to homeopathy. The author has also admirably met the needs of all those engaged in sport and dance in a book that is easy to read and understand.' - Homeopathic Journal

  • Author: Emlyn Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780906584484
  • 322 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 1999
  • Printed in United Kingdom