Homoeopathy for Midwives (and All Pregnant Women)

by Peter Webb

  • Homoeopathy for Midwives (and All Pregnant Women)

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  1. Introduction to Homoeopathy
  2. First Antenatal Appointment
  3. Common Difficulties in First Trimester
  4. Common Difficulties in Second Trimester
  5. Common Difficulties in Third Trimester
  6. Labour
  7. Summary - Suggested Framework for Homoeopathy in Pregnancy and Childbirth
  8. Breast Feeding Difficulties
  9. Infant Difficulties in the Neonatal Period
  10. Names of Remedies Used and Their Common Names
  • Author: Peter Webb
  • ISBN: 9780946717019
  • 45 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 1992
  • Printed in United Kingdom