Homoeopathic Insight into Cancer - Sultan Alam Bihari

  • Homoeopathic Insight into Cancer - Sultan Alam Bihari
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The dogma that cancer is incurable is not true in the face of evidence. The sooner it is dispelled, the better for suffering humanity. It is generally believed tht the prime cause of cancer has not yet been discovered. This dogmatic outlook conflicts with evidence when collected from many sources. A truth is always a truth. Cancer is never a local disease. It is a constitutional disease which shows itself as a local outbreak in the form of a tumour. It is essentially caused by a particular condition of the blood which carries the disease to various parts of the body as you will see later in this book. Cancer can no longer be justly termed as a mystery disease, except by the so-called scholars who have accumulated so much of academic learning that they cannot see what is obvious and refuse to believe something on the grounds that it so simple.