Homoeopathic Drug Pictures

by Margaret Tyler

  • Homoeopathic Drug Pictures
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Excerpts and cases from books and articles by Hahnemann, T.F. Allen, Hering, Hughes, Burnett, Kent, Clarke, Farrington and others are blended with her own experience in 125 colourful remedy descriptions. According to one reviewer, her style is "discursive, anecdotal, and sometimes fulsome and rambling, one of her strengths being an unerring eye for a useful quotation from an indispensable classic source".

This book, first published in 1942, consists of 125 remedy pictures portrayed with Margaret Tyler's experience along with quotations from Hahnemann, T.F. Allen, Hering, Burnett, Farrington, Kent, Clarke and others. For every medicine, Tyler presents valuable background information, including history, use and preparation, and often compares each remedy with one (or more) closely similar remedies. "Black letter symptoms" denote remedy characteristics; other listed symptoms may relate to organ affinities or clinical usefulness. Tyler's remedy differentials are very useful for clinical practice. Tyler's liberal inclusion of cases, articles, and letters from multiple sources enriches the picture of the remedies and gives this work an encyclopaedic scope. Her writing style makes the study of remedies easy and satisfying.

Useful background to each drug picture has been provided with respect to its history, source, preparation, use and comparative aspect. A captivating writing style and sublime description of various particulars make this literature simply fascinating to read. Enjoy the flowing narrative and you will be spell bound by the insightful description of drug action. A sure treat for students who love their material. The book truly deserves a place of pride on your bookshelf.

  • Author: Margaret Tyler
  • ISBN: 9788131903063
  • 868 pages
  • Hardback
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)