Homeopathy for the First Aider

by Dorothy Shepherd

  • Homeopathy for the First Aider
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Dr Dorothy Shepherd offers a guide to the medicinal treatment of first aid.

One of the most popular books on Homeopathy and excellent for beginners. It shows how to deal with many injuries and minor ailments and chapters include Treatment of Wounds; Haemorrhages; Fainting; Burns and Scalds; Foreign Bodies in the eye and in the ears; Frostbite; Hernia; Poisons; Boils and Carbuncles: and Septic Conditions.

For years she followed obediently the recognised, well-trodden paths of antiseptic and aseptic wound treatment, with little or no medicinal aid, other than those already mentioned. She then had the opportunity to study and apply first-aid methods in surgical outpatients, private practice and a munition factory in the First World War and then later a minor ailment clinic.

She gave up entirely the old methods and with the help of a devoted staff applied these comparatively new homoeopathic ideas which have proved successful.

The last chapter deals with potencies and dose and so the novice can learn a great deal from studying this book.

  • Author: Dorothy Shepherd
  • ISBN: 9780091934781
  • 72 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United Kingdom