Homeopathy for Midwives

by Barbara Geraghty

  • Homeopathy for Midwives

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Publisher's Synopsis:
This is a concise introduction to homoeopathy for the midwife (and nurse-midwife). It starts with a brief introduction to the principles of homoeopathy and the use of remedies. It then presents a series of full page tables to aid the midwife in rapid and clear assessment of the client's needs and the remedy most likely to be appropriate for pregnancy, labour, the puerperium, breastfeeding problems and the newborn. The final section looks at the complete picture of symptoms most closely matched to each of a selected number of remedies. This section acts as a back-up reference for the midwife wishing to check or decide on a particular choice. The text aims to give a quick and clear set of options for treatment by homoeopathy.

Interest among midwives in complementary methods of pain control and other symptoms/problems of pregnancy and labour is growing.

The author is a homoeopath and the editorial advisers are midwives.

A ready reference for midwives on selection of appropriate and effective homoeopathy treatments.

Covers pregnancy, labour and post-natal care.

Uses tables to make selection of remedy as clear as possible.

  • Author: Barbara Geraghty
  • ISBN: 9780443057083
  • 148 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 1997
  • Printed in United Kingdom