Homeopathy for Midwives - Barbara Geraghty

  • Homeopathy for Midwives - Barbara Geraghty
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This book gives a concise, working introduction to homeopathy aimed specifically at the midwife and nurse-midwife. Following a brief introduction to the principles of homeopathy and the use of remedies, the book comprises a series of tables which aid the midwife in making a rapid and clear assessment of the client's need, and in choosing the remedy most likely to be appropriate for pregnancy, labour, the puerperium, breastfeeding problems and the newborn. The final section of the book looks at specific symptoms which most closely match each of a selected number of remedies - a back-up reference for the midwife wishing to check a particular choice. Homeopathy for Midwives allows a midwife to: -

  • make on the spot choices of remedies for symptoms seen frequently
  • access, simply and clearly, remedies appropriate for rare symptoms
  • cross reference quickly between remedies and symptoms

"Homeopathy for Midwives provides research evidence where it exists... it demystifies the subject and provides greater understanding... This book will be invaluable... (and) there should be something in the book for all midwives." - Professor Lesley Page