Homeopathy and the Elements

by Jan Scholten

  • Homeopathy and the Elements
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Jan Scholten's second book is about the physical elements, also called atoms, the basic building blocks of all matter on earth. They are depicted in the famous Periodic table of Mendelejev, which most people will know from chemistry classes in high school.

The elements are presented in rows and columns, which reflects their relationship to each other. Elements were put in the same column because they were very similar. Jan Scholten discovered that this resemblance is also the case for the remedy pictures of those elements. Remedies in the same column or in the same row have a similar remedy picture.

The rows reflect the themes of life:

  • Row 1- Hydrogen series; Unborn.
  • Row 2 - Carbon series; Individuality, Child.
  • Row 3 - Silicium series, Relations, Puberty.
  • Row 4 - Iron series; Work, Adulthood.
  • Row 5 - Silver series; Creativity, Middle age.
  • Row 6 - Gold series; Leader, Ripe age.
  • Row 7 - Uranium series; Retirement, Elder.

The columns reflect the way a theme is handled. The 18 columns are 18 stages in a development, going from impulse and start, developing further to a culmination and then decline. They represent the universal theme of life coming to blossom and then disappearing again. The periodic system is thus seen as a symbol of life, starting with Hydrogen and ending with the heavy, radioactive elements. The principles of group analysis, classification, are applied in this book to all the elements with enormous success. Pictures of remedies, then unknown in homeopathy were predicted and applied with success. It made the Mineral kingdom understandable homeopathically.

  • Author: Jan Scholten
  • ISBN: 9789074817059
  • 880 pages
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2007
  • Printed in The Netherlands