Homeopathy and Mental Health Care

by Harry Van der Zee, Christopher Johannes

  • Homeopathy and Mental Health Care
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Integrative Practice, Principles and Research

This timely, compelling, and useful book offers a comprehensive look at the integration of homeopathy and mental health care. Twenty-three leading healthcare professionals from around the world unite in a diverse collection of provocative, grounded and visionary, and clinically relevant chapters that offer the student, professional, and non-professional alike a clear and inspiring guide to the healing power and potential of homeopathy in mental health care.


At last a phenomenal anthology which should dispel forever the ignorance of those who refuse to accept the fact that homeopathy is effective! The bibliography of excellent studies on homeopathy alone makes this book a must for every health professional. More importantly, it demonstrates what my Professor of Medicine, Dr Eugene A Stead Jr, called "A REAL doctor". - C Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, President Holos Institutes of Health

The book is remarkable because it places homeopathy within the context of the current mental health system at precisely the point where it is needed. Reading this text makes it clear that homeopathy is an emerging medical science that holds tremendous potential for widespread application in the field of mental health. This work places the topic of homeopathy squarely in the middle of current mainstream medical research and clarifies what an integrative and balanced approach to mental health would look like. I highly recommend this work to my homeopathic, integrative and allopathic medical colleagues. - Roger Morrison, MD, Hahnemann Medical Clinic.

This excellent book should interest all health care practitioners - even those with no interest in homeopathy. The careful yet pithy description of research into the benefits (and failings) of allopathic treatment of mental disorders provides ample food for thought. The book goes on to outline the general (and impressive) literature on homeopathy in randomized studies. But the heart of this important work lies in the insightful, comprehensive and truly integrative chapters by van der Zee, Johannes, Shalts, Bell, and others. Every chapter is worthy of study. The balanced approach taken by the authors and editors is reminiscent of the excellent earlier work of Dr. van der Zee - Miasms in Labour. I give this book my highest recommendation. - Ronald D. Whitmont, MD, New York Medical College.

It's about time an excellent and truly integrative textbook like this was published. I have books on homeopathic psychology and some good material with homeopathic cases on mental disorders, but nothing at all that compares to this new book. This book goes way beyond the usual books of strictly homeopathic philosophy, case taking, rubrics and cases and does a marvellous job of weaving together conventional and homeopathic concepts, approaches, and strategies to mental health care, including spirituality, personal transformation, and quality of life, not just pathology. It even includes immediately useful original research published nowhere else, guidelines for future research, and also a nice chapter on ethics. It is loaded with practical guidelines, lots of cases, and exciting new ideas that make integration and communication across professional boundaries possible. You'd have to buy dozens of books for what you can find in this single anthology. This one book has some of the most highly regarded, well known, experienced, and well published experts from around the globe weighing in on the importance of this integration for mental health care now and into the future. Most contributing authors are doctorate holders in other areas of health and medicine. I think this book will set a new trend for the homeopathic professional literature, and will be practically useful as a reference for students and professionals in homeopathy, mental health, and integrative medicine. - Review Amazon.com. Lisa Reeves, USA.

A beautifully presented book which contains thought provoking and well-considered essays on many of the key issues when working with patients with mental health issues. From remedy selections and specific cases to philosophy, the Organon, ethical issues and working with patients on psychotropic medication, I would recommend this book to any homeopath working with adults or children with mental health issues. The book also makes some interesting suggestions for the future direction of homeopathy in relation to personal development, counselling and other areas. Homeopathic books can be quite expensive. This is one of the best value books I have bought. Very few, if any, homeopaths would be disappointed on reading it. In addition, it will stimulate discussion and further debate on some key areas within both the mental health arena and the homeopathic world as a whole. It is sure to be of interest to other health practitioners who support integrated care and should not be considered as merely for the practising homeopath but for a far wider audience. The book contains something for everyone. - Review for Amazon.co.uk - Sarah Carter, UK.