Homeopathic Mind Maps: Remedies of the Animal Kingdom - Alicia Lee

  • Homeopathic Mind Maps: Remedies of the Animal Kingdom - Alicia Lee
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From the publisher:

As the practice of homeopathy evolves the methods of case-taking, research, and analysis become simultaneously more simplified and increasingly more sophisticated. Homeopaths need new ways of viewing the remedies, a linear model is no longer solely sufficient and an additional new integrated model is now imperative.

Mind maps are a multi-dimensional concept, which allow the homeopath to view the remedy in a holistic and visual form. Alicia Lee has created her mind maps using the key group analysis concepts of Rajan Sankaran and Jan Scholten in a unique structure allowing the picture to unfold in an intuitive, logical and natural manner. This gives us an alternative to the previous form of definition, with the old familiar pictures to which we are accustomed, and allows for key concepts to be highlighted and primary symptoms to arise from a central scaffold and unfold in a cascade.

This form also allows a full view to be seen at a glance and the relationship of symptoms to emerge in an engaging and easily assimilated way.

Images also assist us to give texture, tone, emotion, sensation and energy to the remedy picture and photographs are a simple and effective way of achieving this. The Images on these mind maps are vibrant and powerful and assist in bringing the mind maps to life.

Presented in four volumes - Remedies of the Animal Kingdom, Remedies of the Mineral Kingdom, Remedies of the Plant Kingdom and Remedies of the Class Aves (Birds) - 'Homeopathic Mind Maps' are an inspired and valuable new resource for homeopaths to use in their everyday practice.

  • Author: Lee Alicia
  • 134 pages
  • Printed in New Zealand
  • Spiral Bound
  • ISBN: 9780473176976