Homeopathic Methodology

by Todd Rowe

  • Homeopathic Methodology

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The needs of beginning homeopaths have long been ignored. A new practitioner is simply supposed to catch on to the whole science or to begin a lengthy course on homeopathy before knowing what it's all about. The present work by Todd Rowe changes all that.

Dr Rowe has created the finest introductory text to date. It covers the practical aspects of case taking and analysis thoroughly and with insight. The intimidating tools used by homeopaths - repertories and materia medicas - are made accessible by Dr Rowe's careful step-by-step guidance.

This fine contribution to our literature will make the training of new homeopaths more rapid and less painful. It is modern in terminology, making our older homeopathic texts more comprehensible. Furthermore, Dr Rowe has given a rounded and clear general introduction to new trends in homeopathy, integrating the insights of Vithoulkas and Sankaran into an overview of classical homeopathy. The book fulfils a glaring void in our literature. 

(From the Foreword by Roger Morrison, MD, Berkley, California, January 1998)

  • Author: Todd Rowe
  • ISBN: 9781556432774
  • 158 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 1998
  • Printed in United States