Healing with Information: The New Homeopathy

by Maria Sagi

  • Healing with Information: The New Homeopathy

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With the discovery of information as the basic software of living systems came the realization that malfunction in the living system can be treated by correcting the information that causes the malfunction. With this milestone book by a long-standing practitioner of this new kind of medicine, the door is opened to every healer and physician to complement his or her healing practice by diagnosing the cause of their patients health problems before they manifest as disease, and correcting the malfunction with non-invasive, testable and reproducible soft methods. This is information medicine, the cutting edge in the development of modern medical science; not an alternative to the tried and tested methods of biochemical medicine but a remarkably effective and readily acquired complement to it.

  • Author: Maria Sagi
  • ISBN: 9781782798583
  • 417 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United Kingdom