Heal Yourself - Anne Jones

  • Heal Yourself - Anne Jones

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Anne Jones is a gifted and experienced healer. Based in the UK, she works from The Hearts and Hands Healing centre in Hampshire. Ten years ago, Anne Jones was suddenly and unexpectedly guided by a 'voice' to go out and heal. Rising to the challenge, she began treating friends and family and soon started to channel her own special healing symbols. Now a healing teacher, her mission is to bring healing within the grasp of everybody. Heal Yourself is Anne Jone's first book. It is an all-round, down-to-earth guide to healing your body, mind, emotions and soul. With simple exercises and instructions and, most importantly, her unique symbols, she shows you: The importance of postive thinking. How to use the power of the mind to banish illness and pain...And lots more.

  • Author: Anne Jones
  • ISBN: 9780749922955
  • 262 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in UK